A new audiovisual project by two members of Prague’s @BCAAsystem's collective @bilej_kluk , @realitycongress and @oliver_torr.

The album is a reimagining of artist Bilej Kluk’s persona into the new character and identity of AWOO, a character transported from our reality into a virtual realm, and given a task he must complete before being able to return home.

The album is released in a hybrid format, with both audio and visual narratives detailing AWOO’s journey as he bounces between radical dimensions, to attempt to bring about stability and protect the unknown worlds.

The story itself is told through three CGI music videos, and complementary Instagram reels that provide more narration, and enhance the depth of world-building of AWOO’s environment. The album consists of 10 tracks, and 5 short skits.

An AV live performance of the release is being assembled for the release of the album.

The album is gonna be released on 4.2.2023 on @BCAAsystem's label.

“Who tf r u?” “Hey, calm down, will y'a? I know, might be a lil hard to get but – I'm sort of U and u r sort of ME, ok?”


AWOO is introduced at the moment of emerging from an “accident”, in which artist@bilej_kluk is split into another dimension and rendered into the form of a digital avatar whom the narrative follows. The story’s principle plotline is his pursuit to reunify this virtual consciousness with his true body, and return to his original reality.

But, the journey back is complicated, leading through numerous layers and worlds, where radically different physical laws, ecological systems, and biological beings exist. During his journey the avatar gains new perspectives and experiences, which — despite their origin being from alien realities — could prove useful for us in our own reality.

“Don't worry, you have my powers now so the tornados can't hurt you. But beware of their sorrow! The longer you stay, the more it feeds on you.”


Here you can see final versions of all the music videos


You can download the mastered files of the album from the dropbox link below.


The portal surface feels awfully cold and Awoo has just a split second to think: “Wait… did he say tornados?”


Here is a list of multiple links to personal portfolios and previous releases/works.

Technical side of visuals

Visuals are made in realtime engine Unreal engine 5, combining multiple techniques. Using the new character generator called Metahumanfor main character Awoo; all animations are recorded with our motion capture suite from Perception neuron. Custom clothes were created in Marvelous Designer, models were created in Blender, and textured in Substance Painter. Additional materials and models used from Quixel libraries.

Stranger's words don't seem to bring Awoo much satisfaction.


concept & direction & visuals

Oliver Torr

sound design, foley & mix
Oliver Torr

Johanz Westerman

dialogue mix & master
Nicolas Atcheson

script writing & world building
Radim Lisa

Noemi Purkrabkova
Jiri Sirucek

PR & communication
Freddie Hudson
Arnold Ata (former)

logo design
Kristyna Kulikova

website & 3D models
Jannes Snyers

3D models & editing consultation
Veronika Hlinkova

David Strelecek

voice acting
Oliver Torr
Anna-Marie Berdychova

thanks to
Veronika Hlinkova
Ivo Kovac
David Strelecek
Linda Vondrova